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A Political No-Brainer: Will Jamar Brown Run for Mayor?

As I recently pointed out in a previous post, Craig Walker has declared war on Don Gerard and is trying a form an anti Gerard coalition. Don Gerard pointed out in N-G comments there are multiple republicans who have already announced a run for mayor and that he is counting on the democratic vote. 

If a non fair weather democrat stepped up and provided mayoral voters a legit democratic option (1) Don Gerard would lose much of his current positional advantage (2) the mayors race would be wide open (3) it would trigger a primary race. While the door is wide open to any dem who wants take advantage of Gerard's poor public opinion and multiple republican candidates battling for conservative votes, someone like Jamar Brown could also capitalize on the momentum that will have been established by the Carol Ammons campaign. 

The cherry on top of all of this is that Jamar Brown would be a legit candidate who is likable, respected and articulate. The shape of the City Council could get especially interesting if Will Kyles ran for an at-large spot and the North End Breakfast club slated another candidate in District 1. The opportunity here is obvious and it is not necessarily favorable for conservatives. If Jamar Brown has ever had any interest in running for Mayor, he would be a fool not to take advantage of this unique opportunity.

Jamar Brown is pictured here congratulating then Mayor-Elect on election night.   Don Gerard has lost support of the african american community, his former campaign manager is now working with Joe Petry, former Team Gerard members want nothing to do with him, and he has burned bridges with too many to mention.  If someone like Jamar Brown runs for Mayor, Gerard goes from the favorite to possibly not even making it through the primary.   

Primary Questions Will Be Answered Tuesday

Bruce Rauner and Rodney Davis will cruise to easy victories.

In the unlikely event I'm wrong......nevermind, that's not going to happen.

Will Kurtz Prevail?

There are many in the local Dem establishment who wanted to put themselves out there and demonstrate they can influence election discussion and the outcomes of elections. If Kurtz can take on the Young Dems and Pius Weibel supporters by himself and prevail, it will take some serious creativity and spin to pretend the loss is not a big deal. On the other hand, a Weibel victory could have the exact opposite effect...

Praying for a Tony Fabri victory

If the democratic primary voters elect Tony Fabri, it would be too good to be true for those of us who feel that fiscal responsibility and ethics should be a more prominent topic of political discussion.

Poor Ralph Langenheim
Ralph has been active in serving the community since the days of the Roman Empire, but he voted for Kurtz for County Board Chair. Again, we will see how much pull the local dem establishment has in contested elections.

The Main Event: Rosenberg vs. Ammons.
Rosenberg's (or Jakobsson's?) attacks on Ammons' ethics have been effective, but is Rosenberg's shameless Madigan connection an asset or a liability? I guess we'll find out.

Gordy Hulten Boogeyman Conspiracy Nonsense Continues

It is just amazing how someone can criticize Gordy Hulten for registering voters at churches in North Champaign.  Yet, the whackadoodle conspiracy theorists creatively find a way again and again.  I like how Tom Kacich says, "Do you really want to criticize someone for registering voters?"  Check out the entire Tom's Mailbag article HERE.  Even the crazies need good legal representation and Matt Duco is happy to help.  HERE he writes a "guest" commentary on Big Debbies House, advertising his services for those who might one day experience that wrath from the ever-feared Gordy "the Boogeyman" Hulten. 

Chapa La Via: Just Awful

During yesterday's debate on a bill to do away with a state commission which can overturn local school board decisions on charter schools, Dem Rep Chapa La Via experienced an enormous brain fart.  The reaction from Capital Fax is HERE.  She apologized afterwards.  It just makes me wonder how often we might read about Carol Ammons should she be elected in November...

will Will Kyles run for mayor?

Big Debbie was trolling (did I use that word correctly?) for a Halfway Interesting response and succeeded. I commend Big Debbie for his/her success in promoting local political discussion. We will surely have our differences, but the landscape of the upcoming mayoral race is certainly Intereting and disussion-worthy.

Replacing Gordy Hulten is now "Job One" for Al Klein

Personally, I think the local dems are getting a little too excited over a small election night issue.  

Gordy Hulten had a couple of issues on election night as reported in the N-G:

Al Klein wasted no time trying to capitalize on the situation and even went so far as to say: "The replacement of Gordy Hulten as county clerk is job one."   So the Chairman of the Champaign Democrats has gone on record saying that he hopes to slate someone in a contested race where the lines are not rigged for him.  Hmmm.   I would really love to see what the local dems are truly made of and it will most certainly be fun to follow the developments on this situation as the local dems have now made the Champaign County Clerk race their number 1 priority.  

The local dems now have the Champaign County Young Democrats helping to influence election outcomes and even have their own blog.  It will be interesting to see how Gordy Hulten fairs in the upcoming election against the candidate (to be nominated) by the local party chair.  Should local republicans be scared?  

Chamber organizes Washington DC delegation

Great to see our local delegation in Washington DC, advocating for our community and visiting with local Congressmen Rodney Davis and John Shimkus.  Every year, the Chamber organizes CC1’s Annual D.C. Fly-In. Participants travel to Washington D.C. and meet with administration officials, elected officials and agencies to advocate for projects that have been identified as beneficial to the economic development and the quality of life in Champaign County.   

Craig Walker vs. Don Gerard and Tom Bruno
Council 3-18-14

Go to 68:45 and watch Craig Walker gloat about the Ammons victory and work to spin the Ammons victory as being a statement against Don Gerard and Tom Bruno.  As much as Craig's flamethrower tactics annoy me, it's hard to disagree with Craig's claims that the Don and Tom show has effectively burned a fair share of bridges in this community.  If you are willing to work hard enough and sift through Craig Walker's BS, sometimes you can find something interesting and relevant.   That said, don't expect too many people to join his coalition of hate.  

Mayors lobby legislature for help with police, fire pension liabilities

Representatives from the DuPage Mayors and Managers Conference are in Springfield this week calling for the legislature to address the growing unfunded liabilities in the state’s local police and fire pension funds. The group, made up of local government leaders in Illinois’ second-most-populated county, is calling for “common-sense reforms” that could include doing away with compounding 3 percent cost-of-living adjustments for retirees, increasing required employee contributions, ...

Frerichs, Barickman, and Rose advances legislation to help disaster-affected communities

Communities devastated by the November 17 tornadoes are rebuilding and repairing their homes and businesses. The Illinois Senate approved a measure co-sponsored by State Senator Michael Frerichs (D-Champaign) to allow the Illinois Emergency Management Agency to provide disaster assistance grants.  Under this proposal, IEMA would be allowed to administer grants to reimburse municipalities, school districts and community college districts for the cost of debris removal and emergency protective measures. Grants would be administrated to reimburse current and future disaster-affected communities in cases where federal aid, insurance and other resources are not available.

Eric B: Welcome to the new and improved Halfway!
Enjoy the new and improved Halfway Interesting.  Halfway Interesting will be aggregating the most interesting political news content for state and local policy and elections.   Of course, I will be providing the occasional supplement from time and time when the situation requires.   Be sure to check out our BlogTalk page for in-depth interviews with C-U's political movers and shakers.  If you have any suggestions on news stories, please DM me on Twitter or FB.  Enjoy!
Gov. Quinn reveals more re-election themes

CHICAGO -- Gov. Pat Quinn is questioning his Republican gubernatorial rival's ethics, wealth and stance on minimum wage during his re-election bid. The Chicago Democrat raised the issues in a story published in Sunday's Chicago Sun-Times. Quinn has already tried to differentiate himself from businessman Bruce Rauner by playing up the venture capitalist's wealth and views on minimum wage. Quinn wants to raise Illinois' rate. 

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